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Frontline health care training provides the courses listed below. We have helped multiple organisations turn around their training improvements there by adhering to their CQC requirements.


Safeguarding Children Level 3

Safeguarding Children (Level 3) as the chosen safeguarding lead you are the first point of contact for staff, families and other people who have access to your organisation. It is essential that your knowledge of child protection procedures is in-depth and up-to-date. 
Designated safeguarding lead course will teach you more about what the role involves and will help you to understand the safeguarding process in more detail and ensure that all staff members understand their responsibilities towards safeguarding children. 
Course Content (Level 3):

  • Introduction  defining safeguarding
  • Safeguarding structure and management
  • Your responsibilities         
  • Recognising and responding to abuse
  • Responses under the safeguarding structure 
  • Working together and sharing information
  • Recording information

Course Duration: 8 Hours
Course Price: £ 60.00
Available Spaces: 150