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Frontline health care training provides the courses listed below. We have helped multiple organisations turn around their training improvements there by adhering to their CQC requirements.


Duty of care

This course covers a number of subjects relating to duty of care within the healthcare industry, such as safe practice, individual patient rights and managing conflicts and dilemmas. 
The law imposes a duty of care on a health care professional in circumstances where it is "reasonably foreseeable" that the professional could cause harm to patients through their actions or omissions. This is the case regardless of whether that practitioner is a nurse, midwife, Nursing associate, health care assistant or assistant practitioner. Duty of care" refers to the responsibilities placed on people to act towards others in a certain way and in agreement with certain values.
Course Content:

  • Duty of Care
  • NMC code of practice
  • Consequences and failures to meet a duty of care
  • Safe practice
  • Managing conflicts and dilemmas
  • Individual patient rights
  • Mental Capacity Act 2005
  • Best interests
  • Whistleblowing
  • Compliments & complaints
  • Patient advisory liaison Service incidents
  • Adverse event
  • Near misses
  • Serious untoward incidents
  • Bolam test
  • Duty of candour
  • Relevant legalisation

Course Duration: 8 Hours
Course Price: £ 20.00
Available Spaces: 150