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Frontline health care training provides the courses listed below. We have helped multiple organisations turn around their training improvements there by adhering to their CQC requirements.


Conflict resolution and positive behaviour support

This course covers a wide series of subjects connecting to promoting safe and therapeutic services/conflict management within the healthcare industry. such as complaint handling, effects of violence and post incident assessment. In terms of conflict resolution, it is vital to distinguish that an individual’s behaviour is often not directed at you, but at a set of circumstances faced by them. If you are able to recognise the background to theoretically violent behaviour, you are able to separate what is a personal attack from what is being directed at you as representatives of your organisation.
This course is suited for all individuals working within this service sector who may find themselves in potential situations of conflict and promoting safer and therapeutic is definitely for those working in the mental health and learning disabilities services. Itencourages aclear value base that is well-matched with the ethos of a caring service and relevant professional ethics and focus on issues of diversity well-matched with the principles of an anti-oppressive practices.

Course Content:

  • Casual factors relating to violence & aggression
  • Legalisation relating to violence & aggression
  • Break away techniques
  • What is de-escalation?
  • Impact factors
  • Compliant handling
  • Environmental factors
  • Effects of violence
  • Post incident review

Course Duration: 3 Days
Course Price: £ 140.00
Available Spaces: 130